Lively evenings guaranteed at Yelloh! Village La Petite Camargue!

Ever more magical, more exciting, more surprising, more spectacular, more dazzling… You’ll be wowed by the evening entertainment at the Yelloh! Village La Petite Camargue! Here, the focus is firmly on sensations and celebration. And we have one special tradition: after each show, we all get together and dance around the stage to end our evenings on a high!

Extraordinary evenings

During your camping holiday, the excitement will go on late into the evening! From the foam parties to the musicals and Broadway-style shows, from the themed dance nights to the concerts, you’ll adore the evening entertainment on offer at La Petite Camargue campsite.

You can also enjoy open-air DJ nights at the height of the season!

Magical evenings for our little campers

The kids still have energy to burn at the end of the day? At our mini-discos they can let loose and unleash their inner dancer as they bop along to their favourite tunes! Let our lively entertainers embark your little ones on a joy-filled musical journey! And it doesn’t stop there! This year, get ready for adventure with our show inspired by The Lion King! Join us for a magical evening where your little ones will be whisked away to the African savannah. With enthralling dances, songs and stage sets.

Travel back in time

Our campsite in the Camargue is bringing cult film “Back to the Future” back to life as a musical! In fact, La Petite Camargue is all abuzz about this adaptation of the hit 1985 movie! Marty McFly will have us travelling through time in this musical rendition of the Hollywood classic. It’s an undeniably surprising and appealing project, and sure to capture plenty of attention among our campers.

New songs have been created to tie in with the film’s plot, so be prepared for the unexpected. And all the cult songs from the film will be included! What more could you ask for, GREAT SCOTT!

It’s the 1980s, Marty McFly is a typical teenager into rock music. He unexpectedly finds himself transported back to 1955 by his friend Dr Emmett Brown’s DeLorean, converted into a time machine. To return safely to the 1980s and carry on with the rest of his life, he has to make sure that his parents really do fall in love in 1955.

Eighties flashback

Let’s unlock a treasure trove of memories for a trip back to the 1980s! Were you torn between “Goldorak” and “Candy”? Did you have your hair styled like McGyver? Were you tuned into the hit parade non-stop? Did you attempt the dance routines from “Flashdance” or slow dance to that song from “Top Gun”? You never left home without your Walkman? Our “Eighties Flashback” show features international chart-topping hits from that unforgettable decade – which seems just like yesterday – revived by our singers, dancers and musicians! We’re going back in time, so Bon… Voyage, Voyage !